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Training Venue:

Klinik Kissey

2nd Floor, Lot 15, Block B, Plaza Grand Millennium, Jalan Donggongon By-pass, Penampang, Sabah



Sifu Bernie Kissey

010 8381889


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Chi Kung is becoming increasingly recognized for its benefits for fitness in mind and body and helping to relieve stress and chronic illness. Anybody can benefit from Chi Kung's energy cultivating techniques, with a programme of exercise for physical and mental well-being.



Acquire within a comparatively short time genuine chi kung skills and techniques which a student can competently practise on his/her own after the course.


* Acquire good health, overcoming pain and illness

* Manage stress effectively

* Increase stamina and energy

* Improve studies and work concentration and  endurance

* Enhance mental freshness and creativity

* Loosen muscles and joints, facilitating agility and flexibility

* Generate energy flow which forms the foundation of internal force

* Develop mental clarity which is essential for effective combat in any martial artists



Click on the above image to view a video of students generating chi flow using a pattern from the Art of 18 Lohan Hands or follow the link at


When the energy flow of a person is blocked, the quality of his (or her) life is affected, manifested as pain and illness.

The forte of Chi Kung is

1. To clear energy blockage and

2. To increase energy level,

particularly for attaining good health, vitality, longevity, mental freshness and clarity, and inner peace.

To apply:  Contact Sifu Bernie Kissey at Tel: 010 8381889

Course Duration :   For Beginners, it is recommended that you complete a 12 weeks session without break.  

Course Structure : The fundamental teaching are from The Art of 18 Lohan Hands. With each session, students will learn and review chi kung techniques and deepen their skills.

Class Schedule :  Every SATURDAY at  3.00 5 P.M.

Who can attend : This course is suitable for BEGINNERS (ADULTS).  For Beginners, it is recommended that you complete a 12 weeks session without break.   Senior practitioners may attend to deepen skills. 

Course Fee : Please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey for more information.

For private class: If you would like to learn one of the most elite forms of Chi Kung available today, please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey at Tel +6 010 8381889 or email with to Please provide your full name, date of birth, gender, occupation, any health concerns you may have, any medication, contact details and address.


Course content :

1.  Deep relaxation.

2. A selection of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung exercises from The Art of Eighteen Lohan Hands .

3. A clear understanding between Chi Kung, which is energy exercise, and gentle physical exercise.

4. Co-ordinate form and breathing and generate an energy flow.

5.  Loosen and strengthen muscles and joints.

6. Increase agility and flexibility.

7. Generate energy flow using form. Self-manifested chi movement.





Note: Pictures can only show the outward form of chi kung. Chi kung form alone is not chi kung. Chi kung is the art of energy management, and the form is just a tool or means to implement energy management. If you merely perform chi kung form, you are only doing physical exercise. If you wish to learn energy management, you have to learn from a master or at least a competent instructor, not just from webpages, videos or books.











The Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands are fundamental chi kung exercises that can bring tremendous benefits if they are practised as chi kung. This precious art were the first systematic set of   exercises taught by the Great Bodhidharma in the Shaolin temple about 1500 years ago and later evolved into Kung Fu. The main focus is  generating energy flow to promote good health and posture, although some exercises are very suitable for developing internal force and spiritual cultivation too. 

Like in all other chi kung exercises, the Eighteen Lohan Hands are holistic and thematic. Each one of the Eighteen Lohan Hands contribute to good health, vitality and longevity, which are holistic benefits of all chi kung, as well as thematic benefits specific to the exercise (addressing specific health problems related to particular parts of the body).

Having fulfilled the fundamental aims of chi kung in providing good health, vitality and longevity, the eighteen exercises also enhance mental clarity and increase energy for peak performance, and then prepare practitioners for the highest spiritual attainment.



Shaolin Wahnam Sabah December 2016