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Training Venue:

Klinik Kissey

2nd Floor, Lot 15, Block B, Plaza Grand Millennium, Jalan Donggongon By-pass, Penampang, Sabah



Sifu Bernie Kissey

+6 010 8381889


Email :



An opportunity to learn genuine Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu for health and self-defense,  develop  confidence and good moral character, improve studies concentration and endurance.


* Improve studies concentration & endurance
* Fun & Healthy Social Activity
* Instil respect for parents & teachers
* Building confidence & leadership qualities
* Increase stamina & energy
* Improve agility & flexibility
* Good posture, relaxing muscles & joints
* Develop good moral character
* Mental freshness & creativity



To apply:  Contact Sifu Bernie Kissey at Tel: 010 8381889

Parents who are interested in applying their child to the Kung Fu class can contact Sifu Bernie Kissey at 010 8381889.  Please state the children’s name, gender, age, school details, and any health concerns. Parents are also required to provide their name, address and contact details.

Course duration :   There are 6 levels in our Fundamental Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Syllabus.

Level 1 (Syllabus 1-2) : 6 months

Level 2 (Syllabus 3-4) : 6months

Level 3 (Syllabus 5-6) : 6 months

Course structure : Fundamental Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Syllabus

Class Schedule :  2 hours session once a week.   There is a monthly intake for each level, so please check first to ensure an available class.

Course fee : Please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey at Tel +6 010 8381889 or email to .

For private class: If you have a group who would like to learn genuine Shaolin Kung Fu, please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey at Tel +6 010 8381889 or email to .

Course content :



Fundamentals of Shaolin Kung Fu


Basic Chi Kung for health and vitality

3 Basic patterns of Hand strikes and counter
4 Basic Stances
5 Correct Footwork
6 Basic Kung Fu sets
7 Art of Flexibility
8 Stance training
9 Spacing and Timing

Going into correct forms spontaneously, reasonable force and good speed

11 Other important skills include fluidity of movement, being relaxed and calm, quick                 decision making, and breath control.
12 Principles of Force Training

Sparring mode


Basic Kicking attacks and counter

15 Basic Holds and Throws techniques
16 Elegance and Speed
17 Special techniques e.g. Pressing, Exploiting strategies and Feign tactics




Click on the above image to view a video of Lead Horse Back to Stable (Chin-Na application) or follow the link at
























Shaolin Wahnam Sabah December 2016