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Useful Advice for Chi Kung Training

Excerpt from Grandmaster's book "Chi Kung for Health and Vitality"

The Top Ten Do's in Chi Kung Practise

1 Practice regularly and consistently.  The first and foremost 'Do" - without which all wonderful knowledge and expert instruction, and all the other advice become useless - is to practise correctly and consistently.  Chi Kung is not a subject like history or geography that you can read up and become knowledgeable. It is an art or skill which needs a lot of practice. 
2 As far as possible practise in natural surroundings. where the air is fresh and circulating. When practising indoors, make sure the air is not stale.  Remember that what you are breathing in is not just air, you are breathing in cosmic energy from the universe.
3 The best time to practise is at sunrise, which chi kung masters refer to as the time of creative energy.  Another excellent time is at midnight, which is the time of blossoming  energy.  Other suitable times are between seven and nine in the morning, and between five and ten in the evening. If you can't practise during these times don't worry, it is better to practise when you can, than not practise at all.
4 Always be certain your practise area is safe.  Facing an open space or the sea is also favourable.
5 You must be relaxed and cheerful during your training. The mind is the most important element of chi kung.  Much of the benefit derived from chi kung is from the mental aspect.
6 One direct method is to use your mind rewardingly in chi kung training is to think gently of cosmic energy flowing into you, cleansing you of illness and toxic waste, and giving you radiant health and vitality.  It is a mistake to think that this is all mere imagination; those with psychic sight can see the flow of cosmic energy.
7 It is helpful to drink some warm water before training.
8 Wear loose clothing and flat-soled shoes to facilitate chi flow in your body.  loosen belts and collars and take off any jewellery if it interferes with your chi flow.
9 Perform your breathing and movement gently, gracefully and naturally. In Chi Kung training the most important that you breath in is not air but cosmic energy.  Gentle, graceful breathing and movement facilitates smooth flow of cosmic energy.
10 Be kind and generous in your dealings with all people. This advice has been given by many great Chi Kung Masters in history. Because our universe is intricately and organically interconnected, being kind and generous to others will result in being kind and generous to yourself.



The Top Ten Don'ts in Chi Kung Practise

1 Don't stop or interrupt your daily practise.
2 Don't practise in crowded, noisy, smelly or dirty places, where the air is stale or polluted.
3 Don't practise at noon or when it is very hot.  Past masters said that during such unfavourable times the cosmic energy was too "forceful". 
4 Don't practise near a cemetery, in a violent moving vehicle, or in a thunder and lightening storms.
5 Don't practise when you are tense, irritated, furious, frightened or anxious.  These negative emotions block energy flow and are harmful to the "heart", which in Chinese, often refers to the mind.  Chi Kung actually helps us to overcome these negative emotions, but if they are too overwhelming, it is better to stop practising for the time being.
6 If you have any problems on your mind, put them aside during your Chi Kung practise.
7 Don't have a heavy meal or a cold bath immediately before or after your practise; neither should you be hungry or stuffily uncomfortable.
8 Don't wear tight clothing or practise bare-footed.
9 Don't use force in your breathing nor exert force in your chi kung movements.
10 Don't be mean or malicious in any of your dealings with any persons.


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