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What is Shaolin Kung Fu ?

Shaolin Kung Fu is a classical Chinese martial art , originating at the Shaolin Temple 1500 years ago , now practiced by people of all culture, race and religion globally .

Shaolin Kung Fu has four dimensions : namely Form and Force training, combat Application and Philosophy to achieve self defence efficiency, health and fitness, character training, mind expansion and spiritual fulfilment .


Who can apply? This course is excellent for students who have been practising Chi Kung for some time.  For Beginners, it is recommended that you first attend a fundamental Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung course with Sifu Bernie.

Course Syllabus :   Fundamentals of Shaolin Kungfu , Shaolin Wahnam  international syllabus 

Course objectives :
1 To have a basic understanding of the philosophy of Shaolin Kungfu.
  (a) the meaning and scope of Shaolin Kungfu
(b) some fundamental kungfu principles
(c) moral and spiritual dimensions of Shaolin kungfu, irrespective of race, culture and religion.
2 To be familiar with fundamental Shaolin Kungfu form.
  (a) basic Shaolin stances
(b) some fundamental Shaolin patterns
(c) linking patterns to constitute a set
(d) breathing co-ordination
(e) fluidity of movements
3 To be introduced to Shaolin force training.
  (a) relevant Shaolin Chi Kung
(b) One-Finger Zen
(c) some basic Shaolin force training methods
(d) Standing Meditation.
4 To learn and practice Shaolin kungfu application
  (a) some Shaolin patterns for combat
(b) the four categories of attacks
(c) important principles of defence;
(d) specific techniques against common attacks

  Types of Shaolin Kung Fu class / course
(1) Private Class
(2) Upgrading class for current practitioners
(3) Holiday class for school children


The Ten Shaolin Laws & School Code of Conduct

One essential condition is required for participating in the Shaolin Kungfu Course, and that is to uphold and practice the Ten Shaolin Laws. Please read and understand the Ten Shaolin Laws carefully and the School Code of Conduct .