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Shaolin Kungfu. Enriching our lives and other people's lives.


Watch Shaolin Plum Flower Sabre set


One Finger Shooting Zen (Internal force training) during the launching of the Black Olive Festival in Guangzhou




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Health, Internal Force, Self Defence and Personal Development


The Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu class emphasizes on Health, Agility and the application of Shaolin Wahnam combat sequences for sparring and self-defence using Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu forms.

Shaolin Kungfu is a comprehensive programme for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cultivations, and its benefits enrich our and other people's lives.


Shaolin Wahnam Sabah on National TV1 Gelanggang Programme.  Pelbagai aksi Shaolin Wahnam Sabah menggunakan senjata Kung Fu dan set (Dr Damian) , pertarungan bebas Dr Damian & Bernie dan Wahnam Taijiquan (Dr Senthu) .  


To apply:  Contact Sifu Bernie Kissey at Tel: 010 8381889

Please provide your full name, date of birth, gender, occupation, contact details and address.  This course is meant for those who are relatively healthy, with or without martial art background.  It is also excellent for students who have been practising Shaolin chi kung and as a preparation for students who may be interested to attend the Basic Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu Course with the Grandmaster.


Course objectives :

  1. To have a basic understanding of the philosophy of Shaolin Kungfu.
  2. To be familiar with fundamental Shaolin kungfu form.
  3. To be introduced to Shaolin force training.
  4. To learn and practice Shaolin kungfu application.

Course Syllabus :   Fundamental Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Syllabus.

Class Schedule :  2 hours session once a week.  

Course fee : Please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey for more information.


Course content :


Fundamentals of Shaolin Kung Fu


Basic Chi Kung for health and vitality

3 Basic patterns of Hand strikes and counter
4 Basic Stances
5 Correct Footwork
6 Basic Kung Fu sets
7 Art of Flexibility
8 Stance training
9 Spacing and Timing
10 Going into correct forms spontaneously, reasonable force and good speed
11 Principles of Force Training

Sparring mode


Basic Kicking attacks and counter

14 Basic Holds and Throws techniques
15 Elegance and Speed
16 Special techniques e.g. Pressing, Exploiting strategies and Feign tactics
17 Other important skills include fluidity of movement, being relaxed and calm, quick                 decision making, and breath control.











Shaolin Wahnam Sabah October 2019