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Watch a 13yo student in Shaolin Kungfu basic sequences


Watch Cross Road at Four Gates set



Training Venue:

Klinik Kissey

2nd Floor, Lot 15, Block B, Plaza Grand Millennium, Jalan Donggongon By-pass, Penampang, Sabah



Sifu Bernie Kissey

+6 010 8381889

Email :




 “ It is important to realize that merely knowing the techniques of the combat sequences cannot make you combat efficient. You need to develop combat skills, including, going into correct forms spontaneously, reasonable force and good speed ” . - Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit




An opportunity to learn genuine Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu and Chi Kung for health and self-defense,  develop  confidence and good moral character, improve studies concentration and endurance.



Who can attend : Students ages 8 t0 18 years. Parents who are interested in applying their child to the class can contact Sifu Bernie Kissey at 010 8381889.  Please state the children’s name, gender, age, school details, and any health concerns. Parents are also required to provide their name, address and contact details.


Course Syllabus :   Fundamental Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Syllabus

Class Schedule :  2 hours session once a week.  

Course fee : Please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey for more information.


* Improve studies concentration & endurance
* Fun & Healthy Social Activity
* Instil respect for parents & teachers
* Building confidence & leadership qualities
* Increase stamina & energy
* Improve agility & flexibility
* Good posture, relaxing muscles & joints
* Develop good moral character
* Mental freshness & creativity


Shaolin Wahnam Sabah on National TV1 Gelanggang Programme.  Click to view video at





Chi Kung for health and vitality – improve posture , breath coordination , mental freshness, circulation , vital energy , being relax and calm .









Shaolin Wahnam Sabah December 2018