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About the Teacher : Chi Kung Master Sifu Bernie Kissey has been practising for more than 20 years under the direct tutelage of world-renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit (Recipient of "Qigong Master of the Year" award at the 2nd World Qigong Congress in USA, 1997 and founder of Shaolin Wahnam International). 

Through the practice of chi kung, Sifu Bernie Kissey has helped many people including students, professionals, medical specialists, homemakers, corporate and business owners overcome chronic illness and pain, manage stress effectively, increase energy level, faster recovery from sports injury, enhance personal development, uplifting mental, physical and emotional resilience and generally live happier and healthier lives.

Also trained as a Healer, Sifu Bernie is certified to teach the Shaolin Arts of Chi Kung (Qigong), Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Shaolin Kungfu. 


Since the year 2000, Sifu Bernie has attended multiple Intensive Chi Kung courses, the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu courses, the Intensive Taijiquan courses, the Art of Teaching Course, the Special Chi Kung Healing Course, the Shaolin Dragon Strength Course, the Shaolin 36 Leg Techniques Course, the Special Weapons Course, the Shaolin Chin-Na Course (China), the Special Chi Kung Course for VIPs (China), the Special Tantui Course, the Essence of Shaolin Course, the Small Universe & Big Universe Courses, the Becoming a Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Practitioner Course and the Special Intensive Lion Dance Course.


She has also appeared in the "GELANGGANG" national TV series to promote awareness on the ancient Art of Chi Kung as a complementary health programme for physical and mental well-being in modern living.  


Shaolin Wahnam aim to share the benefits of the Shaolin arts to all deserving students irrespective of age, gender, culture or religion.  For more than a decade, Shaolin Wahnam Sabah has successfully organised courses attended by international participants. These include the Intensive Chi Kung Courses, Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Courses, Intensive Taijiquan Courses and Specialized / Advance Kungfu Courses.


Currently, Sifu Bernie is teaching group and private classes in Chi Kung, Taijiquan, Shaolin Kung Fu and the All Ladies Elite Health class in Sabah as well as private workshops in Australia, Thailand and Oman. 


"One of the most elite forms of Chi Kung available today.  There are very  few schools in the world teaching Chi Kung at this high level." 

- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit





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" A Year from Now, you'll be glad you started Today "

Energizing 2022 !




Recipient of Sabah 100 Women of Inspiration Award year 2021


Sifu Bernie Kissey


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Energizing 2022 !


What is Chi Kung / Qigong ?

Chi means "vital-life-force" or "life-force energy." Gong means "work" or "effort" and is the commitment an individual puts into any practice or skill that requires time, patience, and repetition to acquire results.  It is a profound and ancient energy art that, when practiced regularly, restores the body's innate self-healing ability, boosts energy levels, creates health and vitality, longevity, stress management, greater mental clarity & freshness. It has the effect of creating better results in your life whatever you choose to do .

The many benefits of Chi Kung can be classified into four main areas:

1 Promotes physical and emotional health;
2 Develops fitness and vitality, which is used not only in martial arts and sports but also in our daily work and play;
3 Ensures longevity;
4 Enhances mental freshness.


General Questions & Answers




One of the most elite forms of chi kung available today.  There are very few schools in the world teaching chi kung at this high level.  Real chi kung is very rare today. Most people practice only its outward forms, like the outward forms of Taijiquan.  Real chi kung will give good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys.

 The Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands are fundamental chi kung exercises that can bring tremendous benefits if they are practised as chi kung.  But if they are practised as physical exercise, which is often the case nowadays, naturally the practitioner will only get the benefits of physical exercise. The crucial difference between chi kung exercise and physical exercise lies not in the outward form but in the internal dimensions of energy and mind. If one does not know what these internal dimensions are, it is unlikely that he (or she) has practised chi kung, although he may have performed the outward form for years.

- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


Good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys irrespective of age, gender, culture or religion

Many may think it is impossible how the practice of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung just 15-minutes daily, can clear illness at many levels - physical, emotional and mental.

Shaolin Chi Kung is a profound and ancient system of holistic energy and mind healing. Individuals are taught how to generate constant energy flow, cleanse the meridian system and nourish it with good energy.  As well as helping people overcome chronic illness it also helps to increase our energy, have a clearer mind, uplifting our spirits and generally live happier and healthier lives.

Anybody can benefit from Chi Kung's energy cultivating techniques, with a programme of exercise for physical and mental well-being.  With each session, students will learn and review chi kung techniques and deepen their skills.


Good health and vitality irrespective of age, gender, culture or religion .







Year 2022 Class Schedule :  

  Session 1 Session 2
Saturday 3 - 4.30 pm  

What can be learned : It is understandable for many people to enquire what can be learned in a few sessions of this course. The answer is that you will learn a lot, especially skills that you will not learn elsewhere.

At present most people, including so-called masters, practice gentle physical exercise using chi kung forms. Many of them are still sickly and weak. The onus of chi kung is not its forms, which you can learn from good books or videos, but chi kung skills.

You should be able to learn genuine chi kung from this fundamental course.  You should be able to enter into a chi kung state of mind -- i.e. to be relaxed and focused at the same time -- and generate an energy flow.  You will also be able to have vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys irrespective of your religion, or the lack of it.

All important notes and learning videos will be given at the course.

This Chi Kung Course is a fundamental course, and it does not include chi kung healing and chi transmission. Many people, including those with so-called incurable diseases, have recovered from this course, and they lead healthy lives. 

Who can attend : This is a group class and is suitable for Beginners (Adults).  For Beginners, it is recommended that you complete at least one fundamental course (12 sessions) .  

Course Structure : A selection of suitable patterns from  the 18 Lohan Hands Shaolin Chi Kung set will be taught at the course. With each session, students will learn and review chi kung techniques and deepen their skills.

Course Duration : 12 sessions. You can repeat the course if you want to.  Many students do this. This is deepening skills, which are more important than learning techniques.

Course Aims :

1. Student will have a clear understanding and personal experience of what genuine Chi Kung is.

2.  Student will be able to practice competently on their own after the course.

3.  Student will have the techniques and skills to attain good health, vitality, agility, deep relaxation, mental freshness, inner strength as well as a deep sense of peace and connection in work and daily life.

Course Fee : for 12 (twelve) sessions, please contact Sifu Bernie

Registration : To apply, kindly write to Sifu Bernie Kissey at  and provide your full name, date of birth, gender, occupation, any health concerns you may have, any medication, contact details and address.


Important Notes :

1.   Students are to attend the 12 sessions continuously.

2. Classes will not be replaced or carried forward unless with prior notice and approval.

3. All classes are conducted with strict observation of the School Code of Conduct.

4. Kindly read and understand all the information provided on the homepage before applying.

5.  Private classes are subject to the same code of conduct.

6.  Students must be committed to practise regularly and correctly not only for a short period but continuously after completion of the fundamental course to achieve desired results. It is essential for the progress of the student, that regular practice is maintained each day.

7.  Would you like to maximise results ? Read the Top Ten Do's and Don'ts of Chi Kung practise .


One essential condition is required for participating in the course, is to please read and understand the Ten Shaolin Laws and the School Code of Conduct carefully before applying.



Please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey .



Why do we do facial massage at the end of a chi kung session?

View video of Closing Chi Kung session

The facial massage, point massage, heavenly drum and walking about at the conclusion of a chi kung session serve three important functions.

They act as a buffer between cosmic dimension and everyday condition. When we practice chi kung, we are in cosmic dimension. If we suddenly open our eyes, we may experience a cultural shock.

Secondly they spread energy that we have developed during our practice session all over our body. By massaging the areas around our eyes, for example, we have sparkling eyes. By massaging our face, we have rosy cheeks.

Thirdly, they contribute to the process of normalization. We do not want to be healthy and happy only when we practice chi kung. We want to be healthy and happy all the time. Performing facial massage, point massage and heavenly drums contributes to this process of normalization.

While we are practicing chi kung, we are different from normal. We are joyful, peaceful and full of energy due to the increase in both the volume and smooth flow of our vital energy. These exercises spread the increased energy all over our body, so that when we eventually open our eyes we are back to normal, yet better than before.

This normalization process operates not only for each practice session, but over a long period of training. After five years of chi kung training, for example, you will be at a higher level in all aspects than when you first started. You will be healthier, more peaceful, more joyful, more efficient, have more energy and have more mental clarity.

The difference between the first day and after five years is vast, but the day to day difference is unnoticeable. It is like seeing children grow. If you see them everyday you don’t see them grow. But if you see them after a few years, you see a vast difference in their height.

Normalization of the wonderful benefits of chi kung is what we want. We do not want to be healthy, joyful and peaceful only when we practice chi kung; we want these wonderful benefits as a normal part of our life. Because they have become normal, we may sometimes not notice them.

Hence, you may wonder what has happened to your practice. When you first started you felt the difference noticeably; now there seems to be no difference. You may, mistakenly, think that you are not making progress. Actually you make more progress than before, but the benefits have become so normal that they are no longer spectacular like before.  (Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit)



The Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands are fundamental chi kung exercises that can bring tremendous benefits if they are practised as chi kung. This precious art were the first systematic set of   exercises taught by the Great Bodhidharma in the Shaolin temple about 1500 years ago and later evolved into Kung Fu. The main focus is  generating energy flow to promote good health and posture, although some exercises are very suitable for developing internal force and spiritual cultivation too. 

Like in all other chi kung exercises, the Eighteen Lohan Hands are holistic and thematic. Each one of the Eighteen Lohan Hands contribute to good health, vitality and longevity, which are holistic benefits of all chi kung, as well as thematic benefits specific to the exercise (addressing specific health problems related to particular parts of the body).

The crucial difference between chi kung exercise and physical exercise lies not in the outward form (which can be the same for both types of exercise), but in the internal dimensions of energy and mind. If one does not know what these internal dimensions are, it is unlikely that he (or she) has practised chi kung, although he may have performed the outward form for years.

At the Shaolin Monastery, these Eighteen Lohan Hands evolved into a kungfu set called “Eighteen Lohan Fist”, which forms the prototype of Shaolin Kungfu today. Nevertheless, the Eighteen Lohan Hands continued to be practised as chi kung exercise.  (Grandmsater Wong Kiew Kit)


Note: Pictures can only show the outward form of chi kung. Chi kung form alone is not chi kung. Chi kung is the art of energy management, and the form is just a tool or means to implement energy management. If you merely perform chi kung form, you are only doing physical exercise. If you wish to learn energy management, you have to learn from a master or at least a competent instructor, not just from webpages, videos or books.


Last updated June 2022