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Grandmaster Wong's courses in Sabah 2017


Intensive Chi Kung Course

2 - 6 April 2017

Intensive Taijiquan Course

6 - 12 April 2017





Sifu Bernie Kissey

+6 010 8381889


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Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort

(Formerly known as Perkasa Hotel Kundasang)



Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa is located at Kundasang, Ranau, which is about 90km from Kota Kinabalu city by road.  The resort is situated atop a hill approximately 5,000 feet above sea level and has a commanding view of the majestic Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia and dominating Malaysia’s First World Heritage Site, the Kinabalu National Park.


Shaolin Wahnam group special rate


As there are a limited number of rooms, please confirm your room to the Sabah Course Organizer in advance  (The course organizers will make the booking for you).


  Room Type Room Rate (RM) per night  


1. Suite Room RM 270.00 nett Inclusive breakfast for 2 persons
2. Twin Sharing RM 180.00 nett Inclusive breakfast for 2 persons
3. Single Occupancy RM 160.00 nett Inclusive of breakfast



Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort homepage





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