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Training Venue:

Klinik Kissey

2nd Floor, Lot 15, Block B, Plaza Grand Millennium, Jalan Donggongon By-pass, Penampang, Sabah

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Sifu Bernie Kissey

+6 010 8381889

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Sharing 1 

过几天我就要50岁了,想起之前每次吃中药都怕,自从我遇到一个陌生人他骂了我为什么你们华人这么喜欢拿昂贵的钱去看医生每天吃药!为什么不要试一下拿那钱去学气功后又不用吃药!我听了后带着半信半疑的心态去找了气功师父 Bernie Kissey.
在此我要感恩我的贵人和我的师父 Bernie Kissey.  (15 October 2018)

Irene (Malaysia, join date April 2017)


Sharing 2

I am 57 years old. Have been a Shaolin Wahnam chi kung practitioner for almost 17 years. I find this Art of building internal energy amazingly awesome. Chi Kung has made me become a lot healthier physically and mentally and my spirituality has deepened as well. The cheerfulness I feel within myself radiates externally and many people have commented the fact that I'm always beaming with smiles and looking calm. One has to experience and practice this Art to believe and to gain good health in mind, body and spirit. (Matilda , 2nd January 2018)



Sharing 3

"Simple, direct and effective"

As a martial artist in my free time and as a manager in my professional life, I need a high level of energy to be able to train and recover. Qi Gong helps with both energy level and healing aspect. While good, many qi gong methods are very time consuming on a daily basis. What I like at this school is the efficiency of their method, which can be easily fitted even in a busy lifestyle. 

(C.D. 15 January 2018)



Sharing 4

The impact of chi kung on me and my husband Tim

My name is Stella Brophy and we first started taking lessons from Sifu Bernie Kissey in October 2016 and have been with the above named ..practising chi kung and taking lessons from Sifu Bernie.
Initially for me, it was difficult to identify what it was about and as advised, We persevered and slowly I started to feel great things happening to me.
a) I felt that I had more energy all round for me to go about my daily activities.
b) I was able to think more clearly and prioritise effectively.
c)I began to enjoy doing the forms or patterns taught to me....whilst practising at home ..again as advised twice daily for 10-15 minutes at a time.
d)I also realised I could feel the energy that Sifu talks about ...whilst doing chi is very pleasant and uplifting.
e) I feel healthier in myself as I am more active..and I don't get tired easily now.
f)I practise twice a day religiously and this helps me to overcome a lot of worries and stress " emptying my mind of irrelevant thoughts " have contributed to this.
g) I now use the breathing technique to help me to fall asleep whenever I have trouble getting off to sleep at night. This is really useful.
h) Whenever I encounter such things like colds,aches and pains or worry..I am able to refer to these as " blockages" or that I may need to do a form or pattern taught specifically for cleansing my system.
i) we were also taught stretching exercises that have been excellent in making both of us more flexible and supple. Stretching whilst in chi "flow" has been most beneficial towards my ability to get to a different level of being in a chi kung state of mind..which I have to say doesn't happen all of the time..butter does, it is a great feeling of positive energy going through my mind and body.
I could write more but all I can say for now is that it is most beneficial to me all round.
Stella Brophy
Retired health lecturer from University of West London. (1st January 2018)



Sharing 5

My name is Maureen. I am a homemaker. My daily schedule is pretty hectic and stressful that ranges from running a home and taking care of a young son. I was left feeling tired, stressful and insomnia. I also have a health issue on high cholesterol and persistent back pain. Relationship with my loved ones has also deteriorated. A good friend introduced me to a wonderful sifu who taught chi kung exercise. It is an ancient exercise to increase chi flow in the body and speed up the healing process. With regular practice i have noticed a dramatic improvement in me. I can handle stress better, my energy level has increased and my sleep have never been better. My back pain has gone and cholesterol level is manageable. The changes in me has improved my relationship with my loved ones. I am very happy and lucky to have learned this ancient exercise, gentle yet so powerful and the benefits is tremendous. Thank you to Sifu Bernie who is very wonderful, patience and dedicated teacher. Chi kung has definitely helped me to have a positive outlook in my life. (31 Dec 2017)


Sharing 6

Since I have been practicing Chi kung. My energy levels has been phenomenal. I don't get tired or irritated especially in a busy life where so many people and matters wants your attention all at the same time. I just deal with a smile from the heart 1 by 1..and with the chi flow..positive words and chi flows from me to them. My prayers are more intense and focus too. I feel am floating in the air most times and my friends wants to know my secrets..I said Chikung and prayers.  Thank you Sifu for your love and continuing to do so as we are all in this positive energy.

(Joanna , 31st December 2017)


Sharing 7

Since learning chikung a few months ago from Sifu, I now practice two times a day and to enjoy the chi flow.  My backpain is gone and I feel not tired easily.  As a businessman and travelling a lot, I find chikung helps my mind to be clearer and also to recover fast from tired and have more energy.  I used to have neck pain and cramp in shoulders and both hands.  Now I feel power return to my arms and warm in my hands especially after my practice.  (S.K. Mui , 4 February 2018)  


Shaolin Wahnam Sabah December 2018