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"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Shaolin Wahnam Sabah

Video July 2024 



Good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance and spiritual joys irrespective of age, gender, culture or religion


  Dr Leigh, Oman

Sifu Bernie teaches in a really simple and beautiful way, yet the outcome and the benefits are so powerful. 

The benefits are just so amazing from a health and emotional perspective. It has enhanced my internal powers which gives me benefits in business.  I just feel completely fulfilled as a person.

I want everybody to experience what I have experienced through Chi Kung and to attain the joys that I have.

Video Sharing by Dr Leigh


  Albert , Borneo


Only able to express in my mind and heart .... it's something beyond the chi kung practitioner to describe the wholesome benefits of the art of Shaolin chi kung ... but the one great glow of SMILE in a practitioner's face is in itself a positive testimony to the Art Of Shaolin Chi Kung .


  Dr Khadidja, Algeria


While practicing chi qung, I get to disconnect myself from the worldly affairs and be at peace with myself. I get to focus on my own energy and my wellbeing. Chi qung also thought me to smile from the heart.  Although it sounds simple, but to me, it is one amazing lesson that I have applied in my daily life and has improved my happiness.


  Matilda, Australia

I'm in my 60s and have been a Shaolin Wahnam Practitioner for over 20 years now. The Art that is taught by Grandmaster Sifu and Sifu Bernie have helped me tremendously over the years. Practising Chi Kung has helped me to maintain my physical, mental and spiritual health.

In January 2024, I recently participated in the Tai Chi Chuan Course which was held in Tambunan and Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. It's an excellent Art which gently and gracefully exercises the body, the energy flow and the mind. This Art aims to attain grace and balance, promote physical and emotional health and also for development of internal force or energy flow.

I'm feeling cheerful within myself, blessed and grateful. I highly recommend this Art to Anyone .

  Stella & Tim, UK

Tim and I learned the art of chi kung from Sifu Bernie 3 and a half years ago. Since then we practise everyday as advised. Chi kung has help us with our flexibility and the deep breaths help to heal and maintain our immunity. It relaxes and gets rid of daily stresses. We feel more alert and have more energy for everyday activities.  Sifu Bernie is brilliant when she does guided forms/ chi kung with us as it takes me to very different levels of meditative scenarios or scenes which I don't get while doing by myself even though I know that I am getting my chi moving . This teaching enhanced my chi kung and has inspired me to practise everyday. We practise twice a day and it makes us feel invigorated and calm. It has helped me to sleep better and I have more energy all day.  It is such a good discipline.


  Merilyn & Peter, Malaysia

We were very fortunate to join the Chikung class even though it was just for 3 months. So much has been learnt. It has been an enjoyable learning and practice as every session was a de-stress and healing session with Sifu Bernie's soothing words of encouragement. The demo and constant guidance given make our practice easier but I dare not say 'perfect' though :D!  What I personally love to share is that I get to enjoy gardening as my lower back pain and frozen shoulder that was bothering me for years are gone! That's the great benefit of practicing Chikung daily & the amazing thing about it is the short duration of doing it at our own convenience.  Thank you Sifu Bernie from the very bottom of


  Dr Lokhama, India

The calm movements and breathing helps to improve my mental and emotional state as energy flows freely to all parts of the body.  I'm in good health and feel great. There was a time I had difficulty to stand up due to medical condition i.e. severe calf muscles cramps so I had to sit and do Qi gong. I sat and did, I focused on my breathing and chi flow to my body especially to my legs. Qi gong slowly helped me to improve my strength and flexibility and muscle strength started increasing.  Now I'm back to normal.  Qi gong can be performed anywhere.  Nothing comes easy, have to practice religiously everyday for only 15 minutes and smile from your heart.


  Cosmin, Romania

As a martial artist in my free time and as an IT manager in my professional life, I need a high level of energy to be able to train and recover. Qi Gong helps with both energy level and healing aspect. While good, many qi gong methods are very time consuming on a daily basis. What I like at this school is the efficiency of their method, which can be easily fitted even in a busy lifestyle. 


  JJ Junior, Malaysia

Hi ! I'm John Joshua Junior and I'm 20 years old.  My mom enrolled me in the Shaolin Kungfu class since I was 12.  From the beginning my Sifu and Sipak always say learning kungfu is not only for self defense.  I learn a lot from kungfu and chi kung such as self confidence, skills, respect, discipline, self defense and good health.  It also helps to improve my body posture and breath control. Practicing chi kung and kungfu really makes me feel more relax, more focus in school, more energy, stronger, flexible, more confidence and happier.  Thank you to my good Sifu and Sipak, my mom and friends !



  Shaznane, France

Discovering the internal art of qi gong and tai chi chuan with Sifu Bernie has been one of the most profound and transformative discoveries of my life - Practicing qi gong and tai chi chuan with Sifu Bernie seems simple in appearance but my energy level shifts every time I meet her for our intensive program. My mind becomes clear and the symptoms I usually suffer from disappear after a few days of practice.  Sifu Bernie brings to me the essence of this Art and her truth is in her smile! I have an immense gratitude to be guided by her in this journey.



Irene, Malaysia


我学气功是为了身体健康,一星期一次跟BERNIE KISSEY老师学习,我只花了3个月来学习就毕业了,现在每天早上自己在家用15分钟做气功运动,刚开始那几个月都有发觉到身体的小毛病有改善很多,所以我没有放弃做这个气功运动,目前已经3年了。



(Recovery from Rheumatoid  Arthritis)




Doreen, Malaysia


I am a 70 year old pensioner.  This art has benefited me in numerous ways but especially in my physical, mental and spiritual health. I thought I would slow down with my daily activities after retirement and do more sedentary tasks like reading and cooking. However I am able to not only do my household chores single handedly each day,  look after my own family as well as my extended family members, tend to my backyard garden and also manage a small fruit farm 2 hours drive away. This still also leaves me time to do a few hours of voluntary work in the community each week. I have also been able to pursue and enjoy more energetic activities like badminton, brisk walking and trekking. I know my regular Chi Kung practice has provided me with improved physical health and strength, better able to relax and sleep in order to start the next day in a positive frame of mind. My family and I feel blessed for having  Sifu Bernie in our midst in Sabah. It has given us easy access to Chi Kung teachings and ample opportunities to benefit from Sifu Bernie's CK teachings and guidance in accordance with our own personal needs. 


Dr Ng, Malaysia

I am fascinated with marvels of chinese martial arts, as I grew up watching classical martial arts chinese movies and reading martial arts novels. Given the opportunity to learn chi kung (CK) and kung fu (KF) from Sifu Bernie and Dr Damian, I truly feel blessed as I feel the benefits of practising CK and KF exceeds my every expectations, both mentally and physically.

Learning and practising CK and KF has dramatically increased my energy levels in handling my daily errands and work. I am thankful for being exposed to CK and KF. 

Thank you Sifu Bernie and Dr Damian for this blessed experience.