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by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit



Transmitting the Healing Art of Energy and empowering deserving students on their Journey to Wellness


" A Year from Now, you'll be glad you started Today "


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Would you like to maximise results ? Read the Top Ten Do's and Don'ts of Chi Kung practise .


One essential condition is required for participating in the course, is to please read and understand the Ten Shaolin Laws and the School Code of Conduct carefully before applying.





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Sifu Bernie Kissey

Malaysia 019 8100148


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Our Kwoon :

KISSEY multi purpose Hall


Jalan Bukit VOR. Lot G192, Lorong Cempaka, Kampung Contoh, Petagas, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah , Malaysia






Chi Kung Master Sifu Bernie Kissey has been practising for more than 20 years under the direct tutelage of world-renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit (Recipient of "Qigong Master of the Year" award at the 2nd World Qigong Congress in USA, 1997 and founder of Shaolin Wahnam International). 

Through the practice of chi kung, Sifu Bernie Kissey has helped many people including students, professionals, medical specialists, homemakers, corporate and business owners overcome chronic illness and pain, manage stress effectively, increase energy level, faster recovery from sports injury, enhance personal development, uplifting mental, physical and emotional resilience and generally live happier and healthier lives.



Video Sharing by Dr Leigh, Oman


I Am grateful to have learned gratitude.
I have been praying. Praying for many years to be able to calm my heart beat, quiet my mind, and express all the love i feel caged inside me.  I have tried sports, yoga, some sort of meditations and lots counselling to tackle my mind and understand my mind.
With her calmness, gentleness and unconditional vision, Sifu was able to teach me how to slow my time. How to be in the moment, and most importantly how to clear my mind in order for me feel, or rather experience, the love stored inside my chest. She gave me the tools to channel and release my love, showing me how to bypass the areas and memories of pain, shame and regret - allowing me to transcend into my kingdom of light…
Sifu - I have been humbled… and god knows it has lead me to be grateful.. and to smile from the heart.
Thank you from the heart.

Rasha , December 2021


I started this journey into Chi Kung not knowing what to expect or where it will take me. But after the first day, I immediately saw where my path was leading. Sifu had a way of making it seem so natural and easy to follow and sometimes it feels too simple to be true, however the more I practice, the more I see how I have changed and keep on changing to the better. I have a long road that I will keep following through my patterns and daily practice but my road is now full of light and hope. Sifu has given me a way to be so spiritually connected, so calm and so full of gratitude to everything around me. She has showed me how to believe in my future and health and how easy it can be. I am eternally thankful for this opportunity and I want all my loved ones to practice Chi Kung because I want them all to have the path of light, happiness, gratitude and healing. 
Jannat , December 2021

I started qi gong a few months before meeting Sifu Berney Kissey – I knew that I was drawn to this practice. 
But I was not expecting to reach a state of bliss and joy with Sifu. 
Her practice and teaching are simple but so profound. 
I felt that my physical and emotional blockages were releasing. I was light, at peace, joyful, for the very first time in my life.  
Shaz, December 2021


Video sharing by Veronica, Malaysia (in local dialect)


Sifu Bernie is an amazing teacher, she has a wonderfully gentle way of teaching but the results are powerful and amazing. People really respond to Sifu Bernie's teaching. She was able to take me to greater heights with the Chi Kung and significantly enhanced my training and chi flow. The benefits are amazing, from a health perspective, emotional perspective and I think it has really enhanced my internal power which gives me benefits in business. I just feel completely fulfilled as a person and I want everybody to learn and experience what I have experienced through Chi Kung. The effects of the practice are just amazing. I hope others may experience the joy that I have.


Dr Leigh, October 2019



Thank you Sifu I am beyond honoured to have met your imminenance.  I was deeply drawn to your energy and presence beyond my consciousness … it’s truly an honour and I am here one of your disciples ready to grow learn and be a warrior when need to be .

Danna , December 2021


I am a 67 year old pensioner.  This art has benefited me in numerous ways but especially in my physical, mental and spiritual health. I thought I would slow down with my daily activities after retirement and do more sedentary tasks like reading and cooking. However I am able to not only do my household chores single handedly each day,  look after my own family as well as my extended family members, tend to my backyard garden and also manage a small fruit farm 2 hours drive away. This still also leaves me time to do a few hours of voluntary work in the community each week. I have also been able to pursue and enjoy more energetic activities like badminton, brisk walking and trekking. I know my regular Chi Kung practice has provided me with improved physical health and strength, better able to relax and sleep in order to start the next day in a positive frame of mind. My family and I feel blessed for having  Sifu Bernie in our midst in Sabah. It has given us easy access to Chi Kung teachings and ample opportunities to benefit from Sifu Bernie's CK teachings and guidance in accordance with our own personal needs. 


Doreen, October 2021



Tim and I learned the art of chi kung from Sifu Bernie 3 and a half years ago. Since then we practise everyday as advised. Chi kung has help us with our flexibility and the deep breaths help to heal and maintain our immunity. It relaxes and gets rid of daily stresses. We feel more alert and have more energy for everyday activities.  Sifu Bernie is brilliant when she does guided forms/ chi kung with us as it takes me to very different levels of meditative scenarios or scenes which I don't get while doing by myself even though I know that I am getting my chi moving . This teaching enhanced my chi kung and has inspired me to practise everyday. We practise twice a day and it makes us feel invigorated and calm. It has helped me to sleep better and I have more energy all day.  It is such a good discipline.

Stella & Tim, November 2019


The calm movements and breathing helps to improve my mental and emotional state as energy flows freely to all parts of the body.  I'm in good health and feel great. There was a time I had difficulty to stand up due to medical condition i.e. severe calf muscles cramps so I had to sit and do Qi gong. I sat and did, I focused on my breathing and chi flow to my body especially to my legs. Qi gong slowly helped me to improve my strength and flexibility and muscle strength started increasing.  Now I'm back to normal.  Qi gong can be performed anywhere.  Nothing comes easy, have to practice religiously everyday for only 15 minutes and smile from your heart.


Dr Lokhama,  October 2019



I can honestly say that I have experienced many fantastic benefits by practicing this Art. It has helped me cope through tough times. I have managed to seek less medical attention except for routine medical checkups! I am 60 years old, feeling so cheerful within myself, glowing with good health and vitality. My secret is "Practicing Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung!" It is never too late to take up this Art. You'll be amazed to find that the exercises are simple, direct and amazingly so effective! Sifu Bernie is a fantastic Sifu! ♥

Mathilda, April 2021



我学气功是为了身体健康,一星期一次跟BERNIE KISSEY老师学习,我只花了3个月来学习就毕业了,现在每天早上自己在家用15分钟做气功运动,刚开始那几个月都有发觉到身体的小毛病有改善很多,所以我没有放弃做这个气功运动,目前已经3年了。




Irene, November 2021


(Recovery from Rheumatoid  Arthritis)

最近就想要学一个可以带给我健康的体育。经过一些贵人的介绍后, 我就打起勇气报名了。
这个课程很棒, 师父Bernie很资深也很用心的教导每一位学生。技巧简单, 很适合刚开始学运动的我。每次上完课后, 我都会发现自己比上课前更开心,更有能量。好像有深层的休息到一样!
感恩师父Bernie的爱心教导,还有贵人们的介绍, 让我有机会学习这门有益的气功。

Shirley, August 2019


A picture paints a thousand words.


Jenny (right) , full recovery from cervix carcinoma stage 4

And Sandra (left) , full recovery from uterine wall carcinoma stage 2


Jenny & Sandra, November 2021




We were very fortunate to join the Chikung class even though it was just for 3 months. So much has been learnt. It has been an enjoyable learning and practice as every session was a de-stress and healing session with Sifu Bernie's soothing words of encouragement. The demo and constant guidance given make our practice easier but I dare not say 'perfect' though :D!  What I personally love to share is that I get to enjoy gardening as my lower back pain and frozen shoulder that was bothering me for years are gone! That's the great benefit of practicing Chikung daily & the amazing thing about it is the short duration of doing it at our own convenience.  Thank you Sifu Bernie from the very bottom of our heart!

Merilyn Ng & Peter Sideh. (October 2019)




I feel blessed that I was able to attend the Chi kung course.  Overall, I feel lighter and having more energy that enable me to carry my routine work. One example, since I prefer to use stairs instead of elevator, I find out there is a tremendous difference before and after Chi kung class. I am able to go up and down up to 5th or even 7th floor without gripping to the  railing which I used to do and very tiring.   I contribute this transformation to the Chi kung class! Thank you  Sifu Bernie!


Dolores, October 2019



Since I have been practicing Chi kung. My energy levels has been phenomenal. Doing regular Chi kung especially on your travels helps a lot. During my recent travels all over Europe on Eurorails and planes, where you need to get up early and rush to catch trains and flights, you really need a lot of energy. I had lots of energy and on the peak of my health throughout the journey. I don't get tired or irritated especially in a busy life where so many people and matters wants your attention all at the same time. I just deal with a smile from the heart 1 by 1. Thank you Sifu.

Joanna , October 2019




I highly recommend to learn and practice this High level and genuine art of Shaolin Wahnam Qigong, Taijiquan and Kungfu. If you are staying in Sabah and Kota Kinabalu area in particular, this is a Golden opportunity not to be missed for wholesome health physically, mentally and spiritually.


Edward , December 2021



Video sharing

I am a chikung practitioner. Before joining chikung, I have quite a number of health problems, but since joining and practicing chikung, I became more positive and healthier, physically and mentally. I used to have a frequent ear blocked and infection but after doing chikung it got better and I don't have that problem anymore. My skin used to have lots of pigment but now it is disappearing and my skin are looking healthier. Prior to joining chikung, I frequently have problems like abdominal pain and urine infection but that also has gone, and I never look back since. It only takes 15 minutes of your time (everyday) to do this chikung exercise and you will be amazed with the result. Thank you Sifu Bernie for giving me the chance to learn chikung for a healthier life and it is never too late to start now.

Jane, August 2019


As a martial artist in my free time and as an IT manager in my professional life, I need a high level of energy to be able to train and recover. Qi Gong helps with both energy level and healing aspect. While good, many qi gong methods are very time consuming on a daily basis. What I like at this school is the efficiency of their method, which can be easily fitted even in a busy lifestyle. 

(Cosmin Romania. PanAsia Champion Martial Artist, January 2018)


I met Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit in 2007, courtesy of Shaolin Wahnam Sabah Head and Master Dr.Damian Kissey and his wife Dr.Roseline ; On that occassion I attended the Shaolin Wahnam 3 days Qiqong Course at Kundasang, organised by Shaolin Wahnam Sabah Chapter. A large number of local and international persons attended the Course, conducted by the Grandmaster himself .

Here allow me to mention, that I am a Practitioner of KiOmDao LifeArts from since 1972, and embody DaoRen Wholism, PranaYuja Energies and Wovoyon Traditions - Besides a long business career, I am a certified Sports coach, a certified Diver, an amateur Borneo history Researcher, and not the least a committed father to a Family of 9 children who are now grown, several married with young families of their own.

To be honest, my attendance to the 2007 Qigong Course was for two reasons – firstly the chorus of behest by well meaning siblings, and secondly my personal curiosity on what the Shaolin Wahnam School was all about. Since then, I have also read the many books written by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit himself, and also met and talked to the many Shaolin Wahnam members local and international – ordinary members as well as highly qualified members, Masters in their own right. Of course Shaolin Wahnam School has many impressive channels or should I say facets, of inter related Arts – Kungfu, Taiqiquan & Chikung, Zen, Traditional Medications of Homeopathy, Acupuncture etc just to name a few.

All else being just as worthy, I am impressed very much by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit’s teaching modules of the Internal Energies for all persons wishing Health, Vitality, Longevity and even for personal Therapy and Healings. The School’s Internal Energy modules of Qigong, though seemingly simple and light, is in actuality compact and verifiably effective ! For example, a regiment of about 30 minutes a day of ‘Lifting the Sky’ and ‘Pushing the Mountain’ or any combinations of ‘The 18 Lohan’, can ensue amazing results of improvement to overall personal health within a short time span!   As a long-time practitioner of these healing Internal Energies that are within each of us, as it is in the World all around us – I wholeheartedly recommend those whose Hearts are opened, to take up the Qigong Arts of Shaolin Wahnam School, and uncover the universal benefits of a bright, light and healthy Mind, Body and Spirit !

Of course like most learning things in this life, the potential benefits are doubly enhanced when tutored by a good and qualified Teacher :
Master Benardette Kissey, or better known by her shortname @ Sifu Bernie, has been an active member of Shaolin Wahnam Sabah for close to 20 years now, also mentored by the capable Shaolin Wahnam Inner Chamber Disciple, Master Dr. Damian Kissey (MD Brussels. MMed Kuala Lumpur).  Sifu Bernie’s credentials and inspiring Testimonials from students, friends, family members and Shaolin Fellows alike , in the short 4 years since her Teaching Classes began, speak well enough for this radiant, remarkable and impressive Teacher ! “

With Humble Cheers & Regards,
Mr.Jude Kessy @Kissey, KualaPetagas dd 15thAug 2019


Jane Tanggim, Sabah

*Transcribed from dialogue

“These many years I learned Kovoyon/Kebatinan from my husband, which had improved greatly my ‘daily Prayers’, and also understanding many matters about that which is of this Life and that of the Spiritual Realms, and why ‘daily Prayers Rituals’ are important in everyday living ; I also understand better the complicated meanings of dreams, those which worry my thoughts from those which can be good signs from say, our guardian Angels. I also understand better about Karma - the meanings of things happening, our acts and those by others, the goodness of keeping the peace, quiet struggle and offering karma Prayers – This helped improved my strain effects from inconsiderate people, also in facing the stressful world, and made me stronger to always try to live the better Way of Life with more calmness and optimism.

These things which I have always had in me, and reawakened and opened wider and deeper with sharings from my learned husband, however certain matters about longterm recurrent personal body aches and pains, and inconsistent energy, the PranaYuja way practised by him was difficult for me to catch fully ..… Reliefs did come but only to return again. Traditional and Ayuvedic mixes, together with Prana motions brought cures to my 10km Marathon knees and an injured right wrist ligament, but my longstanding cervical neck shoulders, my night cramping legs and mid to lowerback pains are becoming chronic issues….
Happily I found the answers, when I started regular Qigong classes with Sifu Bernie in 2018. It did not all come at once – the starting point came when Sifu Bernie showed me the correct way of qi-breathing, the proper way of immersing in ‘free qi-flow’, and again later after few months of doing regular ‘Lifting the Sky’, I was taught and learned how ‘to flow the qi-energy’ to those parts of my body where I had been having those recurrent pains that come and go over the years….. Soon I experienced instant and longlasting reliefs to my cervical neck and back shoulders, and also my lower back lumbar pains !
Next, while in Qigong session, I addressed my recent year old arthritic right foot plantar fasciitis, and soon the nagging dull pain was gone since. Also my long-time nagging left and right foot meta-tarsals joints, where pain flares up often during my 10km jogging trainings, these also have eventually subsided and gone now.
As a result all these reliefs lifted a nagging mental weight accumulated over the years of putting up with this oddity of small pains, and it also seems as a result I experience extra energy from simply having cured my little pains !

In another personal session with Sifu Bernie, while talking about this mysterious hand palms itchiness that come and go inexplicably for since many years, she did an unblocking qi-healing, and while in free qi-flow, I experienced this amazing mild hot jets of current like tingling going out of my fingers, which lasted for several minutes ! Then the strange but soothing tingling also spread around my abdomen dantian, which by the end of the session I experienced great relief, lightness and happy !
I have not had those most irritating palms-itch since then touch wood.

But most of all, about 1 year on of maintaining my regular twice daily Qigong practice, and maintaining the once weekly class on Saturdays with Sifu Bernie, I now feel a definite uniformity of energy everyday ! I feel lighter, more energetic, often more happy feelings despite the usual challenging days.
I work the usual 8hrs 6 days per week routine at Klinik Kissey Radiographic Specialist Centre, and still retain plenty of zest for all those after office Home routines like I never felt since my younger years !
Since many years, I maintained a regular 2 hrs /weekly gym session, mostly aerobic with very light weights program, carefully tailored by myself and my sports-science certified hubby – But recently I have decided to replace this once a week 2 hrs session, by taking up Taiqiquan tutelage with Sifu Bernie.
I hope to expand further my newfound Qigong experience in the more dynamic sets of Shaolin Taiqiquan, for my body conditioning to maintain muscoskeletal health, agility, flexibility and strength, as well as keep my body circulations healthy. “

With Humble Regards,
Jane M.Tanggim, KualaPetagas dd 15thAug 2019.


My name is Maureen. I am a homemaker. My daily schedule is pretty hectic and stressful that ranges from running a home and taking care of a young son. I was left feeling tired, stressful and insomnia. I also have a health issue on high cholesterol and persistent back pain. Relationship with my loved ones has also deteriorated. A good friend introduced me to a wonderful sifu who taught chi kung exercise. It is an ancient exercise to increase chi flow in the body and speed up the healing process. With regular practice i have noticed a dramatic improvement in me. I can handle stress better, my energy level has increased and my sleep have never been better. My back pain has gone and cholesterol level is manageable. The changes in me has improved my relationship with my loved ones. I am very happy and lucky to have learned this ancient exercise, gentle yet so powerful and the benefits is tremendous. Thank you to Sifu Bernie who is very wonderful, patience and dedicated teacher. Chi kung has definitely helped me to have a positive outlook in my life.

Maureen, December 2017



Last updated December 2021