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All Ladies Elite Class



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Contact :

Sifu Bernie Kissey

Malaysia 019 8100148



Our Kwoon :

KISSEY multi purpose Hall


Jalan Bukit VOR. Lot G192, Lorong Cempaka, Kampung Contoh, Petagas, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah , Malaysia

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Note : New Class date will be announced soon !


"A unique and wholesome program for Elite Ladies"

Every woman wants to be healthy, active and gorgeous (HAG) !

Applying gentle yet effective techniques and skills from the ancient Shaolin Arts.  Helping women to enhance joy and quality in daily living by overcoming chronic aches and pain, improving circulation and flexibility, increasing energy level, strengthening resilience, releasing stress and uplifting emotions, having mental freshness, ability to focus better and clarity in decision making and facing multi challenges.


A video introduction to Simply Healthy, Active and Gorgeous






Class Schedule :   A free introduction class will be announced soon!

Who can attend : This is a group class for Ladies.  The techniques are gentle yet effective, and is suitable even for sedentary ladies.

Course Structure : A selection of Patterns and Breathing Techniques from the Shaolin Arts will be taught in class with specific focus on the upper body, middle torso and lower body. Techniques range from Beginner to Advance level.  With each session, students will learn and review the techniques and deepen their skills.

Course Benefits : Good health, physical firming and strengthening, better circulation, more energy, better flexibility, overcoming chronic aches and pain, positive mental well being, improved posture and realignment, good balance, relaxing and invigorating.

Course Duration : For Beginners, it is recommended that you complete at least one fundamental course (12 sessions) .   You can repeat the course if you want to.  Many students do this.  This is deepening skills, which are more important than learning techniques. Students must be committed to practice every day for at least 6-9 months to see desired results.


Course Fee : for 12 (twelve) sessions, please contact Sifu Bernie.

Registration : To apply, kindly write to Sifu Bernie Kissey at  or Whatsapp 010 8381889 and provide your full name, date of birth, occupation, any health concerns you may have, any medication, contact details and address.

What to wear / bring : Any comfortable blouse, pants or leggings.  Ladies must bring their own training mat.




Videos on VIMEO : Techniques range from Beginner to Advance level.

Videos are meant for students only and are password protected.

HAG Part 1 : Upper Body video on

HAG Part 2 : Middle Body video on

HAG Part 3 : Lower Body video on




Please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey .



Please contact Sifu Bernie Kissey .



Important Notes :

1.   Students are to attend the 12 sessions continuously.

2. Classes will not be replaced or carried forward unless with prior notice and approval.

3. All classes are conducted with strict observation of the School Code of Conduct.

4. Kindly read and understand all the information provided on the homepage before applying.

5.  Private classes are subject to the same code of conduct.

6.  Students must be committed to practise regularly and correctly not only for a short period but continuously after completion of the fundamental course to achieve desired results. It is essential for the progress of the student, that regular practice is maintained each day.




Shaolin Wahnam Sabah June 2021