Wahnam Taijiquan

"Taijiquan is not a dance!  It is not just an efficient fighting art and an excellent form of exercise :  it allows you to relax, heal and rejuvenate your mind and body. "  -  Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

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The Ten Shaolin Laws

& School Code of Conduct

One essential condition is required for participating in any Shaolin courses and that is to uphold and practice the Ten Shaolin Laws. Please read and understand the Ten Shaolin Laws carefully and the School Code of Conduct .


The benefits of practising Taijiquan are not just physical; the meditative aspects of Taijiquan and its emphasis on relaxed movement contribute to serenity of mind and clarity of thought.  It provides a comprehensive system of exercise for promoting health and vitality.

Taijiquan helps its adepts to become calm and composed. This comes about through the nature of Taijiquan practice itself. It is more suitable than most other martial arts for character development, as the very nature of its training, with its emphasis on gracefulness, gentleness, and harmonious energy flow, is intrinsic to the development of mental freshness and cosmic harmony.

Past masters have said that there are three levels of Taijiquan training. At the first level, practitioners have good health. At the second level, practitioners have combat efficiency. And at the highest level, they have spiritual cultivation. It is unbelievable but true that in our school’s Taijiquan training, we aim to attain all these three achievements.  - Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


  Types of Taijiquan class / course
(1) Private Class
(2) Upgrading class for current practitioners


Who can apply : This course is suitable for Novice (Adults).  For Beginners, it is recommended that you first attend a fundamental Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung course with Sifu Bernie.  Taijiquan without chi kung is no longer Taijiquan; it becomes a form of gentle exercise which may provide some benefits in terms of blood circulation and recreation, but it is unlikely to give the type of vitality and mental freshness commonly ascribed to Taijiquan training.

Course Aims :

1   To acquire Taijiquan skills and techniques which you can competently practice on your own every day.
2   Experience that every Taijiquan movement is a training of  energy and mind.
3   Be able to perform Taijiquan movements with balance and grace.
4   Have some experience of energy flow and internal force.
5   Appreciate that Taijiquan can be used for self defense.


Course Syllabus :   Fundamentals of Taijiquan , Shaolin Wahnam  international syllabus with emphasis on "Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow" set.

1   Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow" is the same set as the 24-Pattern Simplified Taijiquan Set. Although it is called a simplified set, as it was simplified from the 108-Pattern Yang Style Taijiquan Set, it contains all important techniques in Taijiquan.  Grandmaster Wong added two patterns, Elbow Strike and Shoulder Strike, to the set so that it includes all the thirteen fundamental techniques of Taijiquan.
2   It has enough variation between the left and right sides of the body to give you a balanced workout.  It uses high postures, low postures, wide postures and narrow postures, with a nice balance of static stancework and dynamic stancework.
3   This course also includes relevant Chi Kung energy cultivating techniques.
    All important notes and learning videos will be given at the course.


Important Notes :

1   Students are to attend the sessions continuously.
2   Classes will not be replaced or carried forward unless with prior notice and approval.
3   All classes are conducted with strict observation of the School Code of Conduct.
4   Kindly read and understand all the information provided on the homepage before applying.
5   Students must be committed to practise regularly and correctly not only for a short period but continuously after completion of the fundamental course to achieve desired results. It is essential for the progress of the student, that regular practice is maintained each day.